Letters and Fetters

Letters and Fetters

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Short winter, mellow winter

Again, the clogged highways, the pile-ups and harsh weather circles around Aberdeen. To the north, a semi carrying cattle rolled over, and Facebook comments talked about milkshakes. To the south, schools closed early. Thick snow. Here. The rain is barely to the freezing point and melts on contact with the road.

What is it about Aberdeen lately that causes storms to part, go around us and leave us alone?

Today, it is wet, cool, windy, drippy. The new fireplace has been on much of the day, and Laurie has missed two days of school because of a stomach bug, so she has been hanging out by the fire or in bed and it is very quiet.

Michael was named a National Merit Scholar, provoking more interest from colleges, and a few decent scholarship offers. He's also been busy with jazz band, show band, pep band, Contest, and a bunch of other stuff. So busy that he was not able to audition for a couple of music scholarships.

Miranda keeps finding old family news in her genealogical searching and posting her finds on Facebook. Becky is moving to Pierre where she will need to be on bed rest the next few months to keep from going into active labor.

RJ has been on choir tour in the southeast U.S., and was in Atlanta the last I heard. He and Angelica seem to be happy with each other.

Mike leaves for Vermillion tomorrow for a show choir competition. He's on keyboards. He's also been composing many songs in what little spare time he has. One song he used the sound of a coffee maker trickling coffee for a jungle sound.

Miranda and Vern returned safely from a trip to the Twin Cities. They brought me back some coffee!

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