Letters and Fetters

Letters and Fetters

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Health mysteries

Art has had pain in his legs. It started in one leg and then slowly crept into the other. I knew it was serious when he made a doctor's appointment. He avoids doctor's offices and toughs things out most of the time.

They did an EKG, took x-rays and scheduled blood tests and an appointment with a muscular-skeletal (?) specialist. Maybe it's a spine thing, or maybe it's peripheral artery disease (my conclusion). They've told him his blood pressure is too high and we are getting on a heart-healthy diet and an exercise regimen around here.

Today, I cleaned the fridge and tried to fill it with heart-healthy food. Tomorrow the cupboards. Laurie is unhappy because I told her I wasn't buying ice cream for a while. I'll just have to take her to Twist Cone every so often.

Doctor's office just called to say Art's x-rays and EKG came out clear.

Anyone with decent heart-healthy recipes without weird food items? Recipes that don't make food that tastes like garbage? Could sure use some good ideas for decent tasting items that don't call for weird ingredients.

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