Letters and Fetters

Letters and Fetters

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Better and Better

I've used Google Docs before, but only very superficially, and only a time or two.
It was great taking the tour because now I know what's available, and what's available will be very helpful, both for the library and for me personally.

A few weeks ago, a patron using a public access computer wanted to set margins to a certain measurement before printing, but there is no installed software on the public computers and we don't allow patrons to install programs. All she had available was the very basic notebook feature, and it didn't include what she needed.

Had I known about the word processing features of Google Docs, she could have accessed exactly the program she needed and made her margins whatever spacing she desired.

Now, anytime a patron needs to do more than basic word processing on one of our public access computers, I can show him or her how to use Google Docs.

The other feature I found helpful was a family budget template. I haven't wanted to pay the price for Quicken, but wanted a simple, monthly family budget form, and here it is. Exactly what I've wanted. And it's free!

Google docs has many templates available for all kinds of projects: business cards, postcards, calendars, lots of wedding forms (did the creator have a wedding coming up?) blood pressure reading charts -- even screenplay format in case you have a great idea for a movie and want to market it.

I was impressed.

I looked at Zoho, also. It, too, looks useful, but since everything is toolbar based, it will be harder for my icon-blurring vision to learn that one. I did see that changing margins is easier in Zoho because you can wysiwyg it. With Google reader you set margins in the print menu. Google reader, though, has two view settings so you can see margins if you want to.

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This was a Flickr photo and not an image from our library.

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