Letters and Fetters

Letters and Fetters

Monday, November 17, 2008

Social Networking

I've been on Facebook for several months now. I started on Facebook in order to check out a suspicious person.
Anyway, since then, I've kept my Facebook account, learned to use many of the applications and have really enjoyed it.

I notice, though, that it is my friends' children who are in their 20s rather than my friends who have most of the Facebook accounts. But slowly, my friends are getting on board. There are some neat word games on Facebook, and some book review applications. I made a What Shakespeare Character Are You ?quiz on Facebook because they show you step-by-step how to make your own quiz.

I am not familiar with My Space or LinkIn yet, although it looked to me like LinkedIn was more of a business networking site.

I'll have to think about ways we can use these sites in our college library. There must be some way to make it useful to our patrons. I know our college age workers sometimes access Facebook during free time.

We could make a college library Facebook group and send out notices whenever there are special events. (That was an idea my high school age son had.) Students would have to join first, though, and I'm not sure how many would do that.

Because so many young people use these sites, though, it makes sense to come up with ways to make use of them.

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