Letters and Fetters

Letters and Fetters

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Now I get it!

I'm slowly beginning to understand why rss is such a useful tool. My son has been urging me to try it, and I've used aggregators for podcasts, but I never quite understood the convenience factor for text.

I liked the diagram with arrows that showed how information comes to you with a feed reader instead of you having to go get it.

I used both bloglines and Google reader, but I like the interface on Google reader better. It's cleaner, crisper and just is easier on the eyes.
I've put all my favorite blogs on my reader and some of the library blogs here, too. I'm still looking for better ways to organize feeds than I currently have.

The one problem I'm going to have, though, is reading through all the stuff I want to read as it comes.
One feed I picked up -- and I can't remember from where (perhaps shamelessly stolen from a link from another librarian's site on the forum here) -- is a tongue and cheek librarian site called A librarian's guide to etiquette: A Polite Librarian is a Good Librarian
I'm trying to think of other uses for rss feeds at my reference desk. I suppose if I came across resources that are changed frequently, I could add them. Perhaps refdesk.com changes daily.

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