Letters and Fetters

Letters and Fetters

Friday, December 4, 2009

Peace, good will and quiet

When I worked at the American News, deadline pressure made the day just whiz by. Or I should say, the night, since I started at 3 and ended at midnight. There was always an undercurrent of tension because you were racing against the clock.

Now I'm working at the Beulah Williams Library and the atmosphere couldn't be different. The pace is much slower and the whole place is saturated in calm. If ever there was a job made to sooth someone's nerves, this is it.

It is fairly quiet, but not sterile quiet. There is a low hum of humanity working. It is great to learn about things as I explore information sources and it's even greater to be able to connect people to the information they are looking for.

This weekend, home has been quiet, too, as RJ is away at a speech tournament in Sioux Falls and his mandolin is quiet. No Wexford Carol now. Mike spent the day at Northern today, first doing debate research in the library and then rehearsing with high school Honor Band.

I did go see Kenneth, April and their mom today and took Laurie along. Miranda was working on a power point project for some British company.

Art was teaching on a lot of depressing history today. I forgot what he told me but Algeria was part of it.

Christmas time is subdued around here. I will be in California for Christmas, away from the family, and although I'll be happy to wish my mom a happy 80th and see my brother's family, I will sure miss Christmas in Aberdeen.

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