Letters and Fetters

Letters and Fetters

Friday, January 15, 2010

Brutal cold can be beautiful

For our anniversary, Art drove me around town, stopping whenever I wanted to get out and snap a picture of the hoarfrost. It was great! I love photography, but I never thought Art would have the interest or patience with it, so when he offered to take me on a photo tour, I was elated.

I didn't find the shots I wanted to. I forget that the flowering crabapple trees along May Overby school are festooned with ugly power lines, and to get any good shots at Melgaard meant I'd have to tramp through knee-deep snow, and I wasn't prepared for that, so I only have a few nice shots.

Later, before going out to celebrate, we locked a door that shouldn't have been locked. Once you lock it, it's almost impossible to unlock. So, we spent a half hour searching for the key, fruitlessly. Then another half hour taking apart the doorknob mechanism to get the deadbolt unlocked. Madness! But we finally went out to dinner at Guadalajara. Less crowded at 9 anyway. 32 glorious years. Imagine that!

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