Letters and Fetters

Letters and Fetters

Friday, August 13, 2010

Water Slide

Today I spent a lot of time climbing steps to the top of the water slide and zipping down on the tubes. I love doing this and I finally think I know why. Partly it's because I like the nice, cool spray and clean air. Partly its the speed and turning of the slide. But I think also it's because half the slide is enclosed and half is open. When you go from dark tube to light slide, it's like birth. Suddenly there is light. Before it's just you and there is only the whooshing sound of water and dark, like in the womb. Then suddenly light and sound, a big splash and you're deposited into society again.

I've been climbing the steps and burning calories. Not sure how many. Doesn't seem to be a sparkpeople.com water slide calorie counter yet, but it's only a matter of time.

I also discovered Zumba today, some fast paced dance moves that burn a lot of calories. It looks like a lot of fun and right now I'm just copying Zumba leaders on You Tube.

Every day I try to add 30 more seconds on the elliptical. My goal there is to be able to do my entire 30 minute cardio time on the elliptical. There is no stress on ankles or knees with the elliptical.

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