Letters and Fetters

Letters and Fetters

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hello and Goodbye

It's been hard thinking about saying goodbye to RJ as he goes off to college in a couple of weeks. His mandolin strings and his funny remarks will go with him. Laurie says she's glad that her teasing brother will no longer be teasing her, but I wonder.

We will have two kids left at home, and we haven't had only two kids to take care of since 1983. It will be a lot quieter here. In two years, Mike will probably be gone, and that will leave us with an only child. I can't imagine that.

We are getting ready for the school year to start. We are never really ready for this. Mike, though, has been going to band practice -- which they call band camp at Central -- every morning. So, he's getting into the rhythm of the school year already. This week is the fair, and it's always like, fun, fun,fun, fun BLAM! SCHOOL!

I'll be flying to Virginia with RJ in early Sept. to see him off and get him situated. Then after a couple more weeks I'll be driving to Iowa where I will be speaking at the Iowa state convention of Gideons.

In October, Becky gets married. So it will be a full fall.

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