Letters and Fetters

Letters and Fetters

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Silvery Winter

For once, I'm not minding the winter. At least not yet. By March I will probably be ready to bail out, but for now, I've been delighting in the sparkly,fluffy, clean, pure snow. I haven't really minded the cold or the shoveling.
We had the wedding and Christmas and the kids Christmas church program, all the same week, and that was a wild ride. We've got RJ  home, but rarely see him since he's up all night and sleeps all day.
We were fortunate enough to have Marge visiting for several weeks and it was hard to say goodbye.
Robert and Beth spent Christmas in Florida with Beth's family. Becky and Ben were here for their wedding week. Miranda and Vern have a yard full of snow but stay cozy and warm inside as much as possible. RJ has been enjoying occasional forays into the debate world while he is home, but for the most part sticks near his computer with his headset on.
Mike is back to school with his grueling schedule, starting early in the morning and coming home late most nights.
Laurie is also back to school. She has been competing in the geography bee winnowing process at her school and is running for VP of student council.

I'm looking forward to getting things organized around here.

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