Letters and Fetters

Letters and Fetters

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Last Elementary Concert

Today was Laurie's last elementary school concert, and therefore the last elementary concert we will go to as parents.
Mike has never been as busy as he's been the last couple of weeks. He had to miss the Boys State meeting because he was right in the middle of All-State Jazz Band, and he almost missed his piano guild session because he had an AP government test to take, but he made that one. They told him he rushed some of his pieces, but I'll bet that rushing to get to guild had something to do with that.
Tonight is the Pops, Popcorn and Pops concert. Mike has a solo with Acapella and is accompanying the orchestra. Right now he is practicing the orchestra music. He didn't have time to go over it before now. He's on lunch break.
Art needs 15 students enrolled before he can teach his Christian apologetics class. Two days ago he had 16, then it dropped to 14. Today, it's at 16 again. Sure hope he gets to teach this one.
Here is an excerpt from Laurie's concert:


And here is Mike and Parker at All-state Jazz Band this week:

The weather has been absolutely perfect. This happens once or twice a year, so I'm enjoying it.
Just working out camp details. Laurie's going to camp in the Black Hills this year, with her friend Tiffany. Should have a blast!

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